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The vision of the trust is to create a society that has intellectual and socially, politically and culturally educated youths performing their duties to the nation sincerely  according to the trust deed the purposes of the trusts are as follows:-

  • The Trust will work for the interest of the nation and society as well.
  • The Trust will for redressing the irregularities and impediments in the teaching and training activities at school and the department of education and any other level.
  • The Trust will respect all caste and religion and try to stop spread of the divisive tendencies such as caste, religion, region etc.
  • The Trust will receive the aid or donation from any government, non-government, national or international bodies and spend on the charitable activities.
  • The Trust will establish technical and research institutes to give training to the underprivileged.
  • The Trust will buy, look after and utilize any movable and non-movable property for social work.
  • The Trust will establish old age homes to look after the disabled, sick, and homeless senior citizens.
  • The trust will establish the shelter homes for orphans and disabled.
  • The Trust will establish the educational institution to ensure quality education in the society.
  • The Trust will conduct a campaign for preserving environment by planting trees on public places.
  • The Trust will help poor families arrange the marriage of their daughters.
  • The Trust will make arrangements for free medicines to the people and establish the institution for producing medicines, providing medical studies and helping medical industries.
  • The Trust will organize seminars time to time to spread awareness.
  • The Trust will make every possible effort to ensure social and judicial rights of the masses.
  • The Trust will organize creative programmers to make youth aware of Indian Constitution and culture.
  • The Trust will not make relations with any political party.
  • The Trust will establish a full-fudged library.
  • The Trust will increase the feeling of cooperation in youths through sport activities.